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Cleaning nature in Shiraz Mansourabad with Mohammad (Reza) Amanzadegan

Cleaning nature in Shiraz Mansourabad

On the 21st of December 2021, a social activity was organized in Shiraz Mansourabad to clean up and preserve the natural environment. Dr. Mohammad Amanzadegan, a respected member of the community, led the initiative to encourage others to take care of their surroundings. Together, volunteers picked up trash and debris that had been left behind.

Dr. Mohammad Amanzadegan expressed his gratitude towards the participants, saying, “It is heartwarming to see members of our community come together to improve our environment. We have a responsibility to protect the natural beauty that surrounds us, and every act of kindness toward nature counts. Let us continue to work towards a cleaner, healthier, and greener Shiraz, for ourselves and for future generations.

“Nature is a serene and majestic canvas that holds the secrets of life and inspires us to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the world around us.”

Mohammad Amanzadegan

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