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Tag: Mohammad reza amanzadegan


Ph.D. studies in Architecture and memorial photos

Ph.D. studies in Architecture During my Ph.D. studies in architecture, I was part of a dynamic and intellectually stimulating academic community. Engaging in advanced research and coursework, I delved deep into the field of architecture, expanding my knowledge and sharpening my critical thinking skills. Collaborating with esteemed professors and fellow

Cleansing nature and providing direction for waste recycling in Shiraz city

Cleansing nature and waste recycling in Shiraz city I am proud to have founded a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on reconciliation with nature in Shiraz. Through this initiative, we are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the environment, particularly in regards to waste management and recycling efforts. As a


Capturing Moments – Sharing My Photos

Embracing Vulnerability: Sharing My Selfies and Personal Photos on My Website Introduction: In a world dominated by perfectly curated images, it can be intimidating to share personal photos, including selfies, on our websites. However, I believe there is immense value in embracing vulnerability and authentically sharing moments from our lives.

Amanzadegan NGO named Lotus social activity

Exploring the Power of Social Activity – NGO

Reigniting the Fire Within: Exploring the Power of Social Activity, Mountain Hiking, and Passion for Life By starting this non-governmental organization, I was able to help many people to find themselves and get rid of depression, and I am very happy that I was able to help the people of