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Della Coffee Shop and Fast food Complex Design

AaStudio's Revolutionary Design for Della Coffee Shop in Zarghan is a masterpiece that blends traditional and modern styles. Inspired by Persian architecture, the complex features geometric patterns, natural materials like brick and wood, and panoramic views from the rooftop terrace. With a café, restaurant, and various seating areas, the space is perfect for relaxation and conversation, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists.

Project Brief

The Della Coffee Shop Complex in Zarghan, Fars boasts a modern and sleek design that marries form and function. Conceived by the talented designers at aaStudio (Amanzadegan Art Studio) and the brainchild of architect Mohammad Amanzadegan., the complex consists of multiple spaces that cater to every need of the coffee shop's customers. The main coffee shop is spacious and airy, with natural light flooding in through large windows. The space is dotted with minimalist, comfortable seating that invites patrons to linger and enjoy their drinks. A separate outdoor patio area allows customers to enjoy their coffee in the fresh air. The details of the design are carefully considered, from the use of natural materials to the overall flow of the space. The Della Coffee Shop Complex in Zarghan is the perfect example of a contemporary and inviting coffee shop design.


Zarghan Fars Municipality


Architectural Designer


Mohammad Amanzadegan

3D Visualization Team




IRAN, Fars, Zarghan (near Shiraz), Khalijfars Park

Our Approach

The Della Coffee Shop and Fast Food Complex in Khalij fars Park, Zarghan, Fars is a stunning and unique architectural design created by architect Mohammad Amanzadegan. The complex features a blend of both modern and traditional elements, resulting in a truly timeless and captivating design. The exterior showcases an concrete and iron with glassess facade that adds to its elegance and grandeur.

The interior of the complex is equally impressive, with a welcoming and relaxing ambiance that creates the perfect environment for coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite drink. Architect Amanzadegan's clever use of natural light throughout the design creates a bright and inviting atmosphere, further accentuating the building's beauty. From its carefully crafted details to its carefully chosen color palette, the Della Coffee Shop Complex is a true masterpiece of design that stands out in the heart of Zarghan, Fars.

The Solution

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Human Experience

The Della Coffee Shop and Fast Food Complex in Zarghan, Fars offers a unique human experience to its visitors. With its contemporary design, the complex provides a comfortable environment for people to relax and enjoy their meals. The use of modern materials such as glass and steel in the design adds to the visually stunning atmosphere. The interior of the space was also carefully designed with comfortable seating arrangements and stylish lighting to add to the overall ambiance. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the complex, the efficient layout makes it easy for visitors to order and receive their food quickly. Overall, the Della Coffee Shop and Fast Food Complex offers a unique and enjoyable experience for those seeking comfort, convenience, and style in a fast food setting.

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